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Welcome to Tomb Raider Tours!
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Welcome to Tomb Raider Tours!

Welcome to Tomb Raider Tours, your full-service tour company for visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia's beautiful and awe-inspiring classical ruins.

Until recently, Angkor Wat was little known and seldom visited by foreign tourists, but in recent years, especially since the UN-sponsored elections transformed the Khmer Rouge's killing fields into the new Cambodia's young democracy, the world has discovered the magic and mystery of this most beautiful of places.

As one tourist from Europe explained, Angkor "redefined my concept of beauty." Many others feel the same sentiment: a sense of awe at the historical majesty of this most sacred site.

Made even more famous around the world by Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie, Angkor Wat has now become a popular tourist destination for travelers visiting Southeast Asia, with easy access from both Bangkok and Phnom Penh.

Tomb Raider Tours is owned and operated by Sarath San, a life-long resident of Siem Reap province, who can provide you with guided tours of Angkor Wat, for either individual travelers or small groups. Sarath can speak several languages including Cambodian, English, Japanese and Thai, helping to break down linguistic and cultural barriers so that your visit will be warm and welcoming.

Sarath had been providing tours of Angkor Wat since 1999, and has served hundreds of customers from all over the world, including Japan and the USA.

In addition to showing you around Angkor, Sarath can help you with all your travel needs: airport pick-up and drop-off, lodging and dining research and reservations, trip planning and day-tours, home-stay and visits to the countryside, and communications services to assist you while in Cambodia, including translation services and assistance with bargaining for good prices with local vendors.

We look forward to showing you around our home country, and sharing with you the transcendental beauty of Angkor Wat.

Contact Information

The best way to reach Sarath is by email or phone. He'll phone or write back as soon as he can!

phone: +855 (0) 92 476079 or +855 (0) 96 5810135
email: sansarath222001@yahoo.com
web: http://www.tombraidertours.com/

Thank you for visiting Tomb Raider Tours - we hope we can help make your visit to Angkor Wat truly memorable!


ようこそ 私達は貴方のカンボジアでの時間をおもてなしします。

映画トームレイダー ハリウッドスターのアンジェリーナ ジョリーが映画の撮影にカンボジアに来て以来アジアで最も有名な観光地に成りましたしタイのバンコクやベトナム等からのアクセスもバス、飛行機で簡単に来れます。

紹 介

トームレイダーツアー代表のサン サラットはシェムリアップに古くから住みガイドとして1999年から世界各国からの個人、グループのガイドをしてきまた。また彼はアンコールワット等有名、無名遺跡を問わずシェムリアップの事で知らない事が無いくらい詳しい上、カンボジア語の他に英語、日本語、タイ語を流暢に話すので観光やお買い物等で通訳のお手伝い等が容易に出来ます。


空港 ⇒ホテル、G.H ⇒ 空港、バス停⇒ホテル、G.H ⇒ バス停への送迎、リコンファーム、バスチケットの購入



アンコールワット朝日観賞、アンコールトム、バヨン、バプーオン、ピミェンアカ、プリア パリライ、像のテラス、ライ王のテラス、バンテアイ クデイ、スラ スラン、タ カェウ、タ プローム、プノン バケンでの夕日観賞、



1日目+プレ ループ、バンテアイ スレイ、プリァ カン、ニヤック ポーン、タ ソム、西メボン、バンテアイ サムレ、プノン バケンでの夕日観賞



1日目、2日目+ロレイ、プリァ コー、バコン、西バライ


貸 切 観 光


そ の 他


連 絡 先

電話番号+855 (0) 92 476079 or +855 (0) 96 5810135

メールアドレス sansarath222001@yahoo.com

ホームページ  http://www.tombraidertours.com/





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